Gloom expansions new symbols...

Can someone explain the new symbols on the Gloom cards in the expansions? If I'm correct, I think I know most of them, but have no idea on the last one:

Magnifying Glass = relates to Mystery cards

Bloody Dagger = relates to Guest cards

Two arrows forming a circle = Card effect is persistent

Tapeworm(? - not sure what this symbol is suppossed to be) = ???

Thanks in advance!

The Magnifying Glass is for crimes/mysteries/discoveries. It's on Unhappy Holmes who is a young detective and also on cards like "Detained by Detectives," "Cracked the Code" and "Was Robbed by Rascals."

The Dagger is for murder. The Woeful Widow follows the dagger icon. It's on cards like "Consumed a Companion," "Stabbed a Stranger," and "Was Poisoned by Penguins."

The Tentacle seems to be for the occult and horror, though I'm not sure why The Poor Relations has the tentacle icon. "Was Squashed by a Shoggoth," "Was Vexed by Vampires," "Was Nagged by Nightmares," and "Was Zonked by a Zombie" all have the tentacle icon.

The Magnifying Glass, Dagger, and Tentacle were all introduced in Unhappy Homes and relate to mystery icons. They were then used in later expansions, which is why you see them on guests.

The Magnifying Glass is "Investigation", and relates to things like police and detectives.

The Dagger is "Murder", and generally relates to people actively scheming to hurt one another.

The Tentacle is "Horror", and deals with monsters that are a little more exotic than bears, or other supernatural threats. Admittedly, it's a strange choice for the Poor Relations, but you haven't had to live with them!

And yes, the double-arrow icon is persistent effect.