gloom help

ok so im confused about a few things. number 1) are you allowed to play untimely death cards on your own characters? and if not, do your living characters pathos points still count towards the end of the game or do they have to be dead? and number 2) im confused about turn rules, the rule book states (play or discard up to 2 cards then draw your hand back up in the following order. a "FREE PLAY" means you play a card on your turn without counting it toward your 2 standard plays.) then it proceeds with the 2 standard plays. i understand how the 2 standard plays work. but what im confused about is a free play a certain card? or do you go twice before you even start? giving you about 4 turns each time? and if the free play is everytime a turn is taken or just in the beginning? somebody please clarify this for me. thank you

Hi there.

  1. yes
  2. a free play is given by some cards ... it would be mentioned in the text of the card.