Gloom: How do you play with the Univited Guest cards?

Gloom: How do you play with the Univited Guest cards?

I shuffle them face down and start the game with the top card turned face up so when someone plays a card/kills someone and then the guest will go to that someone's side of the board

BUT then when the Black cat is turned face up it just sits there waiting for a card from the deck to reference guests— so if its the first card up then the guests wont be that exciting for that game

So how do you use the guest cards?


If you are choosing to play with more than one Unwelcome Guest, you actually play with them all facing up - this rule is on the back of the card box. These face up Guests are now Uncontrolled Guests.

Then, as players play cards, they could trigger some of the Unwelcome Guests to begin following a Family. Whiskers is the only Guest that doesn't get triggered.

You only get Whiskers when you play a card that lets you take an uncontrolled guest (for example the "Was Harassed by House Guests" card) or a controlled guest (for example the "Regaled A Relative" card). This presumes you are using Whiskers in the game. Even if you are not, I think there may be a card that lets you choose a guest who is not in the game.