[Gloom] -how was gloom made?

hi guys. this is a bit of a weird question so i hope this is in the right place. basicaly im making my own card game wich uses some see through plastic cards similar to gloom (although the game and way the cards are used is completely different) but i cant seem to make it work. its a sort of adventure game where your charicter can pick up items (like armor, sheilds, weapons) and layer them on his charicter. the problem im having is as this is just a prototype i have to do it from home and i can print solid bocks of colour on plastic (as far as i can tell) ive tried but everything comes out realy faint and seethrough so when its on the charicter you can see his arms / legs through it. i was wondering if there is a type of plastic sheet that can be printed on with a normal (but good) inkjet printer or a special ink i could get, or a different way completely. gloom ooks bit like it was done with transfers. is there a way of making your own? thanks

I don't know about home printers, as I haven't tried with mine yet, but I do know that when we print transparencies for work, the xerox printer there has a specific "transparency" setting which is MOSTLY opaque. Depending on exactly how detailed you want to get, you could print out each piece of equipment/item on regular paper, cut it out, and glue it in the appropriate place on another card, so that it is truly not see-thru; this would also allow you to make things whatever color you wanted, since the transparencies tend to be less brilliantly colored than paper is.


I believe Keith's original prototype was laser printed on transparency stock, with white-out correction fluid applied by hand on the other side to make the printed-on areas opaque behind. I believe Michelle did a similar thing with Ren Faire (http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1320.php), in which the transparent cards represent clothing and equipment/accessories that are stacked on top of the character as they are acquired.

I believe you will have to at least try a laser. Inkjet will not work. Commercial laser printers are awesome at what they can do. I use to work for a Commercial printer and that digital Xerox we had was awesome. Beautiful work. Good Luck with your project.