[Gloom] Improved Editions (Basic Game & Unhappy Homes)

A few days ago, Keith mentioned on his website that there are new editions of both the basic game and Unhappy Homes with improved print quality and color changes. Where can these versions be purchased, and how can we tell them apart by the packaging?

We really love the game, but have the same issues with the original printings that others have had, namely reading the text and being able to determine the card types by the bleed through. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

  • Jonathan

I just have to add that I picked up a copy of Unwelcome Guests and the quality is much better than from previous two sets. The change of the event cards from having a red background to having red text is causing a little confusion since the flavor text on the original set was in red--some players thought they were untimely deaths since they had white backgrounds.

Anyway, excellent job on the manufacturing and where can I get reprinted copies of the base set and Unhappy Homes?

I'm glad you like them! We're REALLY happy with the print quality ... this is what it was SUPPOSED to look like when we first printed it! We're taking a bit of a hit on our margin, but we think it's worth it. :slight_smile:

You should be able to find the new printing at your local games store (see our retailer locator, linked from the bottom right corner of atlas-games.com), or if you don't have a store near you you can try warehouse23.com .

The easiest way to tell is that on the not-so-good older versions the character portraits on the sides of the tuckbox have a white background, while those on the new printing have a grey background.