[Gloom] Just a suggestion...

My friends and I discovered Gloom about a year ago or so and still love playing it. We like it and play it so much that new people see us play it and join in from time to time.

Unfortunately, we keep finding ourselves having to separate the expansion cards from the original game when teaching new players how to play. Sometimes this can take an hour or so when sorting the decks according to the card lists on your website.

My suggestion is this.... Maybe in future printings of Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests you can mark the cards with an icon or something to show that they are expansions separate from the original game to help us separate our decks easier. I think it would greatly help out the vets in teaching new players how to play the game. That way we could introduce new players to the original game first and then start adding on the expansion rules gradually without having to spend an hour of sorting cards first.

This would also help out for other expansions to all the other great Atlas card games (like Let's Kill! We all love that game too).


Yep, already on the "to do" list. :slight_smile:

Just a thought but we only remove the cards which are directly related to the expansions and leave the rest in. Mysteries are easy as they're blue, Unwelcome Guests and Residences are easy too. That just leaves 9 events which refer to mysteries or guests and 7 modifiers.

Doesn't take too long and leaves a nice load of extra modifiers and events which play with the original rules. A bloody site quicker that sorting to lists.

Hope it helps