[Gloom] Knighted By Nincompoops

Are the future event side-effects of Modifiers triggered when playing them on a character who poses the Knighted by Nincompoops (KbN) card?

For instance, if I play a Modifier that says "Skip your next turn" on a character with KbN, I place the card under the Knighted card.

Do I still skip my turn?

I've played both ways. Personally, I think a strict reading of the rules would indicate that the effects DO take place. But I just played a game where they DON'T take place, and I think that works a lot better.

Thanks for thoughts and clarification!


The rules under Special Effects states "Many modifier cards also have immediate special effects that are triggered when the card is played...or continuous special effects that work as long as the card's effect text is visible." Since the "skip the next turn" effects don't say that the text has to be visible, the effect still happens.

The rules on some of the "place on top of future modifier" cards also state that you play the new modifier, including all effects listed, and THEN place it under the older card. So, you still have to skip the turn. :slight_smile: