[Gloom] Malevolent Mooch

If the Malevolent Mooch guest is in your family, can you draw from other players' hands at the end of your turn or only when a modifier allows you to draw cards? When we first played with this guest, the wording makes it seem like you can draw from other players' hands even during your draw phase. If this is how the Malevolent Mooch is actually played, he's ridiculously cheap.

My interpretation of the text ("whenever you draw cards") is that you can do this any time you can draw cards (even in your draw phase).

So... yes, he's ridiculously cheap =)

Not only that, but if you're playing a 2-player game with both the Unhappy Homes and Unfortunate Expeditions expansion, it's possible to keep your opponent from ever playing any cards and slowly but surely winning the game.

If you have the Uncle in your family and the Deserted Desert (Yellow Expedition) is in play, you can discard all the cards from your hand and draw their entire hand. (provided your opponent's hand limit is less than or equal to yours) They'll spend their entire turn drawing, at which point you may play one card, discard the rest of your hand, and then draw theirs again.

I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know if any errata or changes been published with regards to this problem?

While there's no official errata at this point, I'd suggest that the Uncle be left out of any two player game - and will see about making this official errata in the future.