(Gloom) modding uninvited guests.

Hi, two simple questions.

Can an Uninvited Guest be modified BEFORE it joins a family?

Can a DEAD Uninvited Guest be moved to a family with the card: "When this card is played, you may move a single Guest, either controlled or uncontrolled (???) to your family"? And what do they mean by saying controlled or uncontrolled? Owned or not owned by another family?

ps... actually, a third question, is it possible to order a SINGLE gloom card from Atlas?


Hi there. If you're missing a card, please see our contact form at atlas-games.com/contact.php and go to the "Missing/Damaged Game Parts" section.

Question 1: Only once have my set of players done this, and it's basically because we never thought of it before. We didn't find anything that specifically stated you couldn't, so we went with it.

Question 2: There are some cards that specify "living guest" and some cards that just specify "guest". For those that don't specifically state "living", we treat any guest as a possible target. I used that interpretation just yesterday to kill a guest owned/controlled by another player, then played an event that allowed me to move any guest to my family (thus giving me the points of the kill). And yes, controlled means it's part of another players family, uncontrolled means it's sitting out there just waiting (like the cat seems to do most often in my games).

Sorry about the delayed response. Guests may be modified before they belong to anyone; in this case, any effect that would normally target the controlling player has no effect (IE, "Discard your hand when this card is played" does nothing when played on an uncontrolled guest).

The general rule is that dead characters cannot be affected my any card that doesn't specifically say it can affect them (like Dead Man's Party); if you want to interfere with dead characters, you need to find a way to bring them back to life.