[Gloom] Moving a Death Card

I have a question regarding moving a Death Card. I played an event card which moved a death card from one of my opponents players to mine. However another player tried to block, playing an event which stated you could cancel the playing of a death card as a reaction. It was my opinion that you couldn't do this as I played an event card, which then moved a death card, I didn't play a death card. However the other players interpretation was I played an event card, which took a death card and allowed me to play the death card on my own player, thus destroying the death card. Who was right?

I think you were right: you played the event, that moved a Death, not played a free card (there are events that gave 2-3 free cards, if you play a Death in that case I think it can be countered)

You were correct.

MOVING a card via an event - like moving a death with To Be Or Not To Be - does NOT count as "playing" the moved card. This is very important because it means that any "... when this card is played" effects of a modifier AREN'T triggered if you use an event to move it from one character to another. So in this case you are not playing a death and can't be interrupted with A Second Chance; you are playing an event that moves a death. Smoke & Mirrors would work, however.

Thanks Keith for clearing that up.