Gloom - Mysteries and Cancel Events

First off, there is a mystery that allows you to cancel an untimely death as it is being played. I had responded in another topic that this card must first be played to the residence before it can be used. A friend of mine argued that it did not say that anywhere explicitly. Can someone give an explicit answer to whether a Mystery can be played from the hand out of turn?

The second question is in regard to canceling an action. When an action is canceled, does the player lose that "play"? Normally you get two "plays" during your turn. If your first "play" is to play an untimely death and an opponent uses an event card out of turn to cancel your untimely death, do you still have 2 "plays" left or has your first "play" been used?

Thank you

Since there is no additional rules-sheet in Unhappy Homes, we can only go by the main rules and the text on the box.
The text on the box states clearly "A Mystery ... can be placed on any Residence as either of your two plays".
I think that is quite clear that you can't play a Mystery out-of-turn...

the rules don't explicitly state the answer, but they describe the Event as "Cancel ____ as it is played" and "used as a response to an action". The use of the words "played" and "response" implies that the play is made then immediately cancelled, and so is lost...