[Gloom], need a couple of rulings pls. & thank you

This forum is quite useful as have the FAQ and official rules, but I still I have a couple of questions on which I would like an official ruling. Mostly base game but we also have the Unwelcome Guests expansion pack. They're mostly about cards that let you use another card:

I understand that events that switch modifiers from one character to another (e.g. Tragic Misunderstanding, Malevolant Masquerade) are intended to be powerful by letting you play something like Haunted by Horrors on an opponent's character and then steal the points, and I understand that Twist Of Fate lets you "not play" a card that has instantaneous effects, but (more problematic)...

b[/b]does Twist of Fate let you play cards other than modifiers (e.g.) and/or cards that would otherwise not be playable on a particular character? For instance,
(1A) would Twist of Fate let you "not play" Widowed at the Wedding on a character with no <3 icon showing?
(1B ) Or, for that matter, would it let you "not play" Died Old and Alone on a married character or any UD on a character that does not have a negative self worth? Because that would be an awfully powerful card...

(2 )'Til Death Do Us Part. It seems pretty clear that playing the event and playing an untimely death would be one play and/or it lets you use an untimely death on your second play. Seems it should be both but I'm puzzled by the lack of verbiage specifying a free play, so I'd like a clarification.
(2A) Can you, for instance, Wondrously Well Wed a character on your first play, then use Til Death Do Us Part to knock off the happy groom or blushing bride as your second play?
(2B) If so, couldn't you also use it with Seduced by a Strumpet to let you kill that character on second play-- even though that probably would not constitute using the self-worth effect that seems to be the main purpose of the card? What is the official word on this?

b[/b] A Stormy Night is pretty straightforward, but just to clarify:
(3A): does it let you play UDs on a second play, and
(3B) on the text of the card, does "play one" mean "play one of the 4 cards you just drew" or "play one card?"

b[/b] Similarly, does Misfortune Favors the Old let you play UDs on a second play?

b[/b]Must card effects be fulfilled? By which I mean that if a card's effect is impossible, is the card just unplayable, or does it get fulfilled as far as is possible? For instance, if you have less than 4 cards in your hand, can you play Pestered by Poultergeists? We've been just discarding entire hand, but is that legal play? Can I play that card on an opponent with less than three cards to make him/her discard everything and thus effectively lose a turn (no cards to play = no play)? Seems like a no-brainer, but that would make The Root of All Evil unplayable if one of the opponents near you had no cards,

Incidentally, what are people's opinions what is the current official position on including/excluding cards based on number of players and on the disposition of events? Someone suggested that used events be removed from game rather than put into the "graveyard" (and thus, I date myself), and the idea seemed to be well-received. We've already been moving Body Thief from game with the affected players, but is it really unbalancing enough to justify that policy? I mean, I guess it's Nerfed somewhat by the presence of guests, but it's still pretty powerful (for instance, it seems it wouldn't trigger a certain meddling kid*) We're usually playing with two players.

Thanks in advance. Sorry so long-- it's just plain bad writing, I know.

^6: Right? Am I correct in that? Body Thief isn't an untimely death, but an event, so Unhappy Holmes wouldn't follow it.

Twist of Fate says "Replace the top modifier... with one from your hand." As such, it can only be used in conjunction with modifiers; you can't play a UD with it. However, I'd have to say that it would allow you to play Widowed At The Wedding... a little odd, but as you say, you're "not playing" it.

2A is exactly the intent of the card. It's poorly worded, but it allows you to immediately play a UD as part of the action of using the card.

3A: Yes. If the consequences of a card allow you to play an Untimely Death, it doesn't matter if it's your first or second play. You AREN'T playing a UD as your second play; you're playing ASN, which allows you to make an additional play of any card.

3B: Play one card. You aren't limited to the cards you've drawn.

Yes. Same principle as 3A.

Fulfilled as far as possible. If you have one card, you can still play a "discard three cards" modifier.

Relating to your other questions, currently I don't remove them. Body Thief is powerful card and one that will likely be modified or removed in a second edition of Gloom; it's hardly a game of perfect balance, but especially in a two player game it can really shift things. Removing it after use seems like a good halfway point. And you are correct that it doesn't trigger Unhappy Holmes.

I have a corollary question. One of the "Untimely death cards, "Was burnt by a mob," provides an immediate effect, "You may use an untimely death card as your second play this turn." I argued with my step-daughter that "an" is an indefinite modifier, and thus may include any untimely death card, including the card providing the effect. Thus one can play it as a "free card" on he second play, irrespective of what card was played the first play. Otherwise one would have to have a second untimely death card to take advantage of the effect, which is otherwise extinguished at the end of the turn. I also argued that "immediate" means "instant" unless stated otherwise. In my case, I covered one of my characters with some negative points and then killed or her with this special card. She insisted I couldn't do that, but could only play that card first.