Gloom Packaging Error

Our friends got us into playing Gloom recently and while visiting Boston we decided to buy our own deck.

We just opened the box to play with some friends back at home and noticed that it seems like we got two of the same deck. We have two of each family and neither if the other. We have two of Castle Slogar and two of Hemlock Hall.

What do we do? We didn't keep the receipt as we knew we wanted the game. And we live in San Diego so it would be difficult to take the game back to the place we bought it from in Boston.

I have also emailed twice and still have had no answer. I know mistakes happen, but the least someone could do is respond to an email...

Hi there. Bobbi (our customer service person) has been sick for over a week with an awful stomach flu ... I'm afraid that customer service had to wait for her recovery. She's back now, and I'm sure she'll happily replace your duplicate deck as soon as she catches up on things. Thanks for your patience.