[Gloom] Persuaded by parrots...rule check

I have a question on the "Persuaded by Parrots" card which states that a person to the player's left may randomly choose one card and immediately play it. My question is, if the player randomly chooses an untimely death card, can they immediately play that untimely death card? The card does not specify whether an untimely death can be played. Thanks in advance!

Provided that there is a legal target for the death - IE, a character with a negative self-worth score - you may play the death. If there is no valid target, then I'd say that the death should be discarded.

In general, the only restrictions on Untimely Deaths are that they cannot be played as your second play of your turn. Any card that allows you to play additional cards - such as A Cunning Plan or A Stormy Night - can be used to play a death, even if the triggering card was your second play. Because you didn't play a death as your second play; you played A Stormy Night, and the death was a consequence of that play.

Thanks much Keith! Much appreciated. Love the game by the way. Looking forward to future iterations.