[Gloom] Qs about SKIP & UD timing.

Some Modifier cards say that "Skip your next draw phase after this card is played".
I just played this card on one of my character, should I skip the draw phase of "this turn" or "next turn"?

If I played "Mystery Tour"(A card in UE expansion) in my first action, I drew three cards and there was an UD, Can I play this UD instead of discard it ?

Thank you.

Hi there.

Q1 You skip the next draw phase you get. So if you play it on one of your characters on your turn, you'd skip the draw phase of THIS turn.

Q2 Can you post the text of Mystery Tour please?

"Set your hand aside and draw three cards. You must immediately play these on characters you control, if possible. Discard any Events, and any cards you cannot play."

What I want to know is that if I played this card in my 1st or 2nd action, could I play UDs on my characters if there are UDs in these three cards?

Actually, it doesn't matter if it's your first or second action: you can ALWAYS play Untimely Deaths that you draw as a result of Mystery Tour.

The rule on Untimely Deaths is that you cannot play an Untimely Death as your second play. If your second play is the event A Stormy Night, Mystery Tour, or any other card that allows you to draw and/or play additional cards, those additional cards can be Untimely Deaths. You second play wasn't an Untimely Death; it was Mystery Tour, and the CONSEQUENCE of that play is being able to play additional cards.

So what does Mystery Tour mean by "Cards you cannot play"? Exactly that - cards that have specific prerequisites you do not meet. For example, Was Widowed At The Wedding can only be played on a character with the Romance icon. If you don't have such a character, you must discard the modifier.

Thank you.
It's very clear. :bulb: