Gloom - Rules questions

On the card "was shunned by society", the text says "Skip your next turn after this card is played." If the card is covered up by another card before you skip your next turn, do you still have to skip your next turn?

On the card "was sickened by salmon", the text says "while this text shows, discard one card every time you play a Modifier (including this one)." If you play the card on a family member of an opponent, does the opponent discard a card for my playing of the Modifier?

By the way, I really like the game and the clear cards are cool, but the printing is not so legible so the cards can be hard to read. Also, when choosing cards from another player, it is easy to determine which cards are events because the Gloom logo on the back is pinkish in color from bleed through.

Thank you

Yes, that is my understanding.

Hmm. Good question. I would say that neither of you would discard a card; you're playing a modifier, but you're not subject to the card's effect because it's not on your family; and your opponent would be subject to the effect, but he's not playing a modifier at the moment so it doesn't matter.

We agree with you. We made some improvements in the second printing (such as the black circles in the number fields, so at least you can't so easily read pathos points from the other side), but production in this medium still has a lot of technical difficulties for us. We're really gratified that the game on balance is appealing enough to folks that they've forgiven a lot of shortcomings on the production side.

Thank you for your response. We have been playing as you have stated since that seemed the logical way to play the game, but it helps to have confirmation frm the source.