[Gloom] Stormy nights and roots of all evil

If "A stormy night" or "The root of all evil" is played, that player then gets to play either one, or depending on the number of players, several more cards. May one (or more) of these be untimely deaths? How about if the event is played as the second action on a turn? Especially with "The root of all evil" it kinda sounds like untimely deaths may be played, since the card says those you wish... Some clarification here, please.

Hi there.

A Stormy Night reads: "Draw four cards. Play one card, then discard until you reach your current draw limit." So, yes, you could play any card in your hand at that point.

The Root of All Evil reads: "Draw one card from each opponent's hand and immediately play those you wish; keep the rest. You must have a living character with the [lucre] icon to play this card." So, yes, you could play any of the cards that the other players had.

Hope this helps!

Sure does, thanks a lot!

Seems we've been playing correctly in any case, but it's good to have an official confirmation. :smiley: