[Gloom] Story Icon Question

I've noticed since picking up the Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests expansions that there are a few new story icons that come printed on the cards.
I can't find a listing anywhere that explains what these new icons are. Some of them I think I've figured out like the magnifying glass (mystery) and the bloody knife (murder).
But what the heck does that snake looking icon represent? Disease? Infection? ???

Affliction? Cursed?

Sorry... but this is really driving me nuts.

These are the mystery icons, primarily used to meet the prerequisites to play mysteries. They are:

Magnifying Glass - Investigation
Dagger - Murder
Tentacle - Horror

The tentacle is generally used for unpleasant events with a supernatural connotation - for example, "Squashed by a Shoggoth."

Thanx for clearing that up! :slight_smile: