[GLOOM] Uncontrolled guests and taking cards from other opon

Hi Im a happy gloom player :wink:

When we first played with guest my friend wanted to make a guest uncontrolled after he killed the character with the icon whom the guest followed. I thought the guest stayed with the family, and that's how we played.

But how is it really?

Also today we had a conflict in the rules. I laid a card that said no one can take card from that player, on my opponent. Later my opponent laid a card on her self saying I was to take cards from her.

We played that the fist card nullified the second card (so I took no cards), was this correct?

Regards, the boot straper

Only living guests move. Once it's been killed, a guest stays with its current family and stops following icons.

Yes, you were correct. The point of the first card is that it defends you against things like the second card (until it's covered up).

I think you misunderstood me. The guest was alive. My friend played a modifier card to say, Chopper johnson. Because of the modifier a guest moved to him. Right after he killed Chopper Johnson.

It was here he wanted to make the (living) guest uncontrolled by any player (until the next modifier moves the guest to a player).
I thing he meant that a guest stayed whit a character and not the family!

Hence the gust have no reason to stay when the character with the triggering modifier dies.