[Gloom] Unfortunate Expeditions - Family size

Right ... we included residences to work with Unhappy Homes. If you're not using that expansion, just set the extra card aside.

A couple people on the forums have mentioned wanting a separate rules sheet for the expansions, so I thought I'd explain our thinking.

First is that the expansion rules sheet would be so small it would just get lost, ripped up, etc.

Second is that it costs extra to insert a rules sheet ... remember that the cost of using transparent plastic is HUGELY higher than using normal cardstock, so we're already taking a hit in order to keep the price in the realm of reasonable. We just weren't able to include a separate rules sheet without increasing the price, which we didn't expect anybody would appreciate.

You can download the rules with the expansion rules all in one place at atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... Prules.pdf

Hope this helps!