[GLOOM] Unfortunate Expeditions rules.

it is nice to have expansions and added families. problem is there are no clear rules to the expansions. we kind of made them up as we went along. where the lower right hand part of a card from UE showed a compass symbol we put that expedition card out on the table after the card effects were finished. and cards whose effects also had a compass with a : after them we only did those effects if that expedition was out on the table.

were we right in doing this? we like to think we have enough commonsense to figure out rules but it would nice to have a clear understanding of them.

You are exactly right. The rules are on the back of the card box, but they are brief. The intent is this:

  1. When you play a card with an Expedition Symbol, the FIRST thin you do is to resolve the immediate effects of the card.

  2. THEN, if the indicated expedition is not already in play, put it in play.

Most modifiers with expedition-triggered instant effects will also put that expedition into play; the point is that the instant effect happens if you are ALREADY there - and if you aren't already there, you go there instead.