Gloom: Unquiet Dead

What does everyone think about the upcoming (Oct 2013) new expansion for Gloom? It sounds interesting as your characters can be both alive and dead at the same time. Hard to imagine Lord Slogar as a vampire brain, but then again, maybe he grows back his body.

Just can't wait to have one.

Looking forward to the colorful cards...
I hope the undeath Modifiers will be that.

I'm disappointed about the lack of a new family, but I am looking forward to new stories. I'm still curious about the undead modifiers and how they will interact with current things that specify living or dead characters. Should be interesting either way.

You can always make up your own new families using the blank Gloom family template on the product page: Perhaps you've entertained ideas of doing dastardly things to the Twilight clan, or your own family deserves a little more misery!