[Gloom} unwelcome guests scoring

A quick question.
When calculating the score when a guest is in the house - does their score count?
e.g the cat... has lots of nice negatives... howver of course if it is killed they all disappear - but you dont get a score for a live person.

The answer from the designer:

"While it's slightly awkward, guests with scoring symbols shouldn't be flipped when they die. Whiskers has a base score of -15 and can thus be killed with no other modifiers, and the owner should get those -15 points. Also note that guests with "follows" traits stop moving after they die."

Cool - that sorts that...

Do the guests need to die to finish the game, or is it just the family?

From the designer:

"When a guest moves to your family, it is considered to be a member of your family until it moves again. The game doesn't end until someone has no living characters on the table in front of them, regardless of whether they began as members of their family or as guests.

"This means that as long as you have the Poor Relations (who can't be killed) as part of your family, you can't end the game... and that if Unhappy Holmes is in play, the moment someone kills her last character, Unhappy Holmes will join her family (moving to investigate the death) and the game will continue until Holmes is killed or moves to join another family."

Ah right - i understand now.


Hmmm, this extends the game a lot - time to have less family members methinks.