[Gloom] What happens on removal of untimely death?

Once an Untimely death has been played, and the card flipped, what happens if one or two turns later someone uses a card or mystery ability to remove that untimely death?

Does the character stay dead or do they come back to life (either the death never happened or they were buried alive but managed to "escape" grin).

If noone knows the answer could someone point me to the correct place to ask this qeustion?

We really had big fun playing Gloom (first time was this weekend), but a lot of our group are very competitive and this came up as a big issue.

If you could remove an untimely death and bring the character back to life it could seriously extend games. So I'm assuming that once a character is dead, they stay death, but there was at least one mystery that seems pretty pointless if that is the case (mystery that allows removal of untimely deaths).

Since you're so keen for an answer, I've looked at the rules and come up with this:

I'd say if you remove the Untimely Death card from play, the character is brought back to life.

Much like the "To Be or Not To Be Card", which could according to the Stragegy rules in the PDF, be used to put an Untimely Death card from an opponent's character to your own, killing you and bringing him back to life!

The ability to be found miserable and alive is probally why you "set a dead character card and all modifiers that have been played on it aside" rather than just discard them, or remove them from the game or similar verbage.

Yes, if the untimely death is removed, the character returns to life. Sorry about the delayed answer.