GMing: Feng Shui Site Map?

I'm curious how many sites exist in each juncture and has anyone tried to make a map of them?


I don't recall off-hand if there's an official answer to how many sites there are in the different junctures, but I would guess that worldwide in any given juncture (with the exception of the Future) there would be several dozen, maybe over a hundred of tactical/strategic importance in the Chi War.

As for fights, so for sites: the map is not your friend (p. 225). Feel free to make a feng shui site of any location that strikes your fancy. The CCG Shadowfist has a site that's no more than an auspicious arrangement of termite mounds; that diner on the lonely stretch of desert highway that somehow never goes out of business and has the best chili in five states, sure why not; and someone should probably keep the Simians from burning the Leaning Tower of Pisa in that 15th century pop-up.

Given how many places in China alone are said to have "good feng shui," I'd say the number worldwide is in the low thousands, at a bare minimum. It's why every faction is always spread critically thin, unless they've got overwhelming numbers in their own juncture, like the Ascended in the present or the Architects in the future. There are probably only a hundred or two hundred that are "crucial," but probably ten times that many minor ones.

Of course, the correct answer here is "as many as you need to keep your game moving."