Goetic Familiars

In the campaign I'm running (and it looks as if it's a successful campaign for once! :smiley: ) one of the players is playing a rather special character. Well, she's playing a Witch of Thessaly (Ex Miscellanea), with Chotonic Magic, Summoning and Commanding. Reading in Infernal, on Goetic Magic, it says that (on page 124) a Goetic maga can bind a spirit as a familiar, using Summoning and other Goetic Arts. So my question would be, when we're saying "spirit" are we also talking about demons? Can she actually have a demon as familiar? :smiling_imp:



I suppose that she can have whatever sort of a spirit that she can get to do the job (of course the limit of the infernal might complicate any agreements she makes with demons).

And those pesky quaesitors and their trigger happy buddies might get a slight interezxtr in your pal if she is not extremely careful there.

Appart from that. Cool :slight_smile: Hope the best for your saga!


Well, another player plays a Flambeau Hoplite, so this could be... interesting. :slight_smile:


And they get along well? Interesting....


Well, the Order actually asked the Witches of Thessaly to join them as Ex Miscellanea, knowing their practices. The Witches do have powers that can only be called Infernal. Why did they ask them to join in the first place? :unamused:



My character has summoning!!!


At least, it'll let me the possibility to bind a nice magic spirit :smiley:
Not a demon (not her style), and not a faerie (beurk)

And I have a career goal to become a flambeau hoplite, you may serve as a useful introduction

I'd be curious as to your objections to my bonding a "nice magical spirit" as a familiar :wink:

Well, when your familiar reacts negatively to a barrage of DEO, it might get the flambeau suspicious, after all. Our paranoid magi cast that kind of spells "to be sure" quite frequently. It has no effect on creatures of magic, fae or divine, so DEO is quite a target-specific spell, actually. One wonders HOW it was invented in the first place, without test targets... or if there were test targets, what parts of soul did the magus sell... and if DEO is really antidemonic, then...

Too much work on market forecasts today, it sems. I am ranting a BIG time now :unamused:


Haven't you read me? I told I didn't want an infernal or faerie spirit, just a magical one :laughing:

Or maybe this is just confusion, andrew refering not to my previous post but rather to the creator of the thread?

Maybe it was just a bit of non-hermetic magic that was finely integrated?

Or more likely some clever and somewhat psychopathic magus took advantage of the lunatic paranoia inspired by the rabid Papal oppressors and started firing off spell options at the unfortunate victims of the "she's a minion of Satan" craze en vogue during this epoch of European history. :wink:

Psychopatia ex Flambeau: "nope, that one won't do...", "Ooops, sorry Torquemada didn't mean to hit you, I was aiming at the demonspawn cowering in the corner...", "Ahhhh yes, efficiently reduced to nothing, that should suffice, now where is my scribe!?"

Every Psychopatic Flambeau will tell you: The best DEO is a PoF.
"Kill'em all, let god sort them out".

After all, god would protect any innocent there, wouldn't he? :wink:

Apart from psychotic, rather stupid as well, then. Demons being unaffected by fire et al :wink:


but not Perdo :wink:

Hmm.. demons have no particular immunity to fire, do they? :wink:


Not in 5th edition. :wink:

Really? Hadn't noticed that. Will have to tell the rest of the troupe, since we are about to embark in spell-tome negotiations, and DEO was a high priority for us just for that reason, since our badass kicker (well, as badass you can be 6 years out of apprenticeship) is a standard pyromaniac.


I don't see why Demons need to have a resistance to fire. Yes, yes, where they come from, it's hot and fiery - and perhaps they have immunity there. But their worldly body need not. IMHO it all depends on the type og demon, a fire-demon would have, but not a devious intrigue-demon. So you can damage - and even destroy - a demon's physical, worldly body, but this won't banish it, will it? Perhaps a minot setback, while it generates a new body. While a banishment (DEO like) will send it's non-corporeal part (not soul, is it? mind perhaps) back to hell. Here it must attone to the Dark Prince, before being granted a new tour of Earth. At least, this is how I remember it described from previous editions.

Well, this could very well be an argument as to why they don't have an immunity to fire.
After all, they're meant to suffer in hell, too^^