Gold dust: "dust" or "precious metal"?

I'm wondering whether to affect gold dust the correct Terram guideline is the lower "sand/dust" or the higher "(precious) metal". I'd be inclined towards the former - after all sand is just stone broken up into many little pieces, but it does not count as stone. It's true that it would make the creation of magical silver/gold much easier, but I do not think that changing the level of a ritual to "make all the gold your covenant can spend over the next century" from level 35 to level 20 makes such a huge difference...

I would certainly say "Precious metal".

No big deal no.

Precious metal. The guidelines have nothing to do with the physical properties of the thing being manipulated and everything to do with how 'noble' it is. Gold dust is still gold and thus very noble. Likewise, stone is more 'noble' than dust or sand.

As for the magical creation of gold, obviously a few magnitudes aren't of much concern one way or another, the problem with creating all your gold are political, not magical. So no, making gold dust easier to act upon by magic than gold won't completely unbalance your saga. It just feels wrong, at least to me.

Precious metal here as well. it is still gold.


This things don't happen in a vacuum. If it were just money, yah, no big deal. But Gold is also very useful when making Magic Items, yes? The lower the magnitude, the more gold you get per Vis spent, yes? Then there's the problem of diamond dust. Will you lower that magnitude as well? When a simple ReTe spell can turn the dust into a whole diamond on demand? Same problem. You will miss out on a lot of stories, I think, if you do this.

The Bible , being an Authority , tells us that people are Dust.
So we may now alter all Corpus Guidelines accordingly.

Dust of Virtue, perhaps. 8)

Have you looked at the world recently?
Dust of Vice, more like! :wink: