Golda (rough draft)

Golda Simone: Jewish Folk Witch, Seeress of Barcelona, Former Mistress to Antonio of Flabeau, Mother of Carmen of Flambeau
Characteristics; Int +1, Per +2, Com +1, Pre +3, Str -2, Sta -1, Dex 0, Quik 0
Size: -1
Age: 68 (appears 21)
Date: Spring 1236
Warping: 4
Confidence: 1(3)
Virtues & Flaws: Folk Witch; Gentle Gift; Intuition, Puissant Folk Ken, Social Contacts (Barcelona), Unaffected by Gift, Venus' Blessing; Optimistic (Major); Carefree, Close Family Ties, Lustful (Minor), Outsider (Minor), Small Frame
Witch's Moon: Unaging, Visions, Personal Vis Source, Unimaginative Learner
Acquired from Background: Wealthy, Black Sheep
Preferred Supernatural Abilities: Adjuration, Craft Amulets, Dream Interpretation, Headling, Dowsing, Premonitions, Second Sight