Good Location for a Regio - former capital of the Hittite Empire

This, Hattusa capital of the Hittite Empire came as a Microsoft background suggestion to me today from Windows 10.

There are other neat links as well:,Northern%20Central%20Anatolian%20Mountain%20Region.

Some neat pictures:

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That place, and indeed lots of other hittite places are ideal locations for regiones, auras etc.

Though in the case of hattusa I think that it would probably be multiple regiones with different layers, or if not then it would be a mega regio.

Wilusa/troy is another place for a regio that is famous in contemporary culture.

Though of course it all depends on how you view ancient history in ArM. The hitties are a pre-bronze age collapse culture and it is not clear to me if the bronze age is a thing that existed in ArM. Especially the eastern parts of the bronze age. IMS it totally would because it opens up the opportunity to include loads of sites in the near east.

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They may not have the concepts of "bronze age" and "iron age", but many of the bronze age cultures should have existed within the Mythical Europe chronology.
I think that the generally accepted timeline back in medieval times (and thus in Mythical Europe) was that the world was created around 4000BC and the big flood (with Noah and his ark) happened around 2400BC, so all the real-world civilizations that existed from around 2000BC and onwards should also have existed in ArM history.

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Um, didn't the Hittites follow a single God of Fire, ritually much like Aten? If so, it may be some of the oldest Dominion Aura around, and it may have a really weird Temper. Worth researching as there's some argument that this is the ancestor-religion of Zoroastranism and Mithranism, which have come kind of close to crossing the Sacred / Magical realm boundary. Back that far you might find something that lets you ignore it (some sort of theurgy based on the fiery breath that permeates Creation? Enochian sort of stuff.)

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not really, no.

The hittite religion was a mixture of elements from proto indo-european religion and ancient mesopotamian religion (itself a fusion of sumerian and akkadian religion) and ancient canaanite religion (related to but not identical to ancient akkadian religion before its interaction with sumerian).

The hittites probably had a god associated with fire but not one that they followed monotheistically. It is of course possible that individual hittite persons would have followed a fire god to the exclusion of all other gods.