Google Maps/Earth Project

This will be the topic for discussion of "official" AM Maps on Google Maps/Earth. These maps are to be used as "base" for AM campaings.

Anyone is invited to help build these maps, if you want to contribute just pm me your e-mail and i will send an invitation. If you already have something post it here. Anything here is open to discussion but i have some sugestions:

I don't think we need to stablish the frontiers of the tribunals, just put something that indicates of what tribunal that covenant is part of...

We can use the 5ed books as cannon to the map, so if anything in older books contradicts something, the 5ed edition prevail....

I think we can start with a simpĺe map: just the covenants and main citys.. Afterwards we can introduce other places, roads, trade rotes and etc...

Just put things that are cited in the AM books: People can use the import tool of Google maps/Earth to adjust the material to their campaings (i.e. don't put things of your campaing)

One map to each tribunal and another to everything

After some discussions we can lay out rules stead of sugestions to build and mantain these maps. I Will update this firt topic with the rules and the links.

For start i picked up the Loch Leglean Tribunal, because i have the book, i'm playing this tribunal and i like Scotland =P

Loch Leglean: ... 77&t=p&z=9

Ars Magica Tribunals: ... 44&t=p&z=3

I want your opinions on this map... Everything is more o less put as close as i "feel" reading the book... There are no specific indications for in the "Lion of theNorth" and no Map... With the exeption of Horsingas, but i'm having troubles with this....

Crun Clach i just put it in the middle of the Kintyre peninsula as indicated in the book

Horsingas was supposed to be "in the Cheviot Hills along the Tyne river, about eight miles north of Hadrian's wall". Nearest Towns: Bamburgh (Forty miles to the Northwest) and Carlisle (thirty miles southwest). I think Bamburgh is 40 miles northEAST, but even changing this, i could only do an aproximation on the map, so take a look and tell me what i do with Horsingas. I Marked the Tyne River to help...

Mac Gruagach and Loch Leglean i put in the middle of the high lands... I didn't find a indication for Loch Leglean Location, and for Mac Gruagach it only indicates that is near "Glen Glas"... And i could not find it....

This is it for now...

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I started putting Normandy Tribunals covenants into my personal campaign map. If there's a way to 'copy' the map and remove my personal saga bits, I will happily put it forth. A fair amount of guesswork in placing things - I noted some names of towns and villages on Googlemaps that seemed miles away from where the book map suggests they are...

There is with the "import" tool... What i sugest you to do....

creat a new map in the google maps, them open your map on a diferent window... Them click on "visualize on google earth" or something like this (i use my system in portuguese, so it is different)... put a name and save... go to the new created map and click in "import" (in the left corner near save and done)... click in file and choose the file that you created from your map... Now delet the things that are not official and please post the link for us....

I think this guide can be used by anyone that already have a map done on google earth....

The Idea is to have a map for each tribunal and a map for all mytic europe =)

A friend of mine is working hard in this too, soon i will update with his works....

Interesting stuff :slight_smile: (Also very interesting claims to official. ::grin::slight_smile:

Are any of the maps I've developed useful to you?

Also, can you assign me something specific to complete?

The official is because people at Atlas Games will know about it and help in it's divulgation ( And those maps will have only material with references in the AM books...

denubisx, can you please post the links of your maps here?

For now i just put the link for one map, but a friend of mine is working a lot too... so soon a will post more links...

Other thing is to help to make the maps better... Most people complain about the same thing: a lot of guessing and that the distances of cities and villages in books don't match in google maps... So i think a good discussion of those locations would be healthy =P

For the locations cited in the 5ed books, we can try to talk with the autors, but what with the older editions?

ideas, ideas, ideas =P

Re: Tribunal Maps on Google Maps

Postby avecchi » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:03 am
I put some tribunals (iberia, Rome, Germany, Provencal) in our googlemap campaign map -

Right link - ... .90863&z=9

If the Location is a Covenant,put it's name as "Covenant of ..." as i have done in loch leglean... It is interesting too to mark the Domus of the houses in the description...

I will work on the avecci map latter....

I think we can use my loch leglean map as model...

If the Location is a Covenant, them the name should be something like "Covenant of blábláblá" and at leats put the Tribunal that it is part of in the description

Have you considered using the "pin" colour to show the tribunal, and have special forms for the nature of the place (covenant, magical site...) ?

I happily used that google map feature to enhance our campaign map: ... rent=5,0,1

(No places in other tribunal though, but blue pins for NPC convenants, light green ones for players places, trees for forests, yellow houses for NPC castles...)

It is a good Idea... but... i don't know how to change the color and format =P(edit: i just discovered how to do that =P)

So what icon in what color we will use for each thing? I really acept sugestions =)

The same icon for covenants but with diferent colors marking the tribunals?

What else?

Ok... we need 13 colors for the tribunals and google maps only have 7 colors for pins... I can make some different pins, but i will have to host it somewhere and if the host vanishes, so does the special pin... later i will ask people from atlas if they can "host" those pins...

So we wil mark:

Covenants (with different colors for tribunals)

Order sites

Magical Sites

Main cities

What else? In the Mytic europe 3ed suplement there are some trade routes and things like that... Churchs? Roads? But i really want to point only things cited in AM books....

In google earth files you can store the new pins icons, then update the google earth file in google map.

By the way, having the same color for two tribunals is mostly a problem if they are close. For instance it is no big deal if Stonehenge and Levant tribunals have the same colour.

You don't know how awful is to work googl earth in my PC... It is with a creepy error that the map window covers anything else... so i can visualise but can't edit much =/....

Sure. Sorry about the late reply. Computer troubles :frowning: ... 08cf8f&z=4 -- is the tribunal one

Here's my personal campaign one. ... 037d6c&z=6

I think for sanity's sake, we say "AMv5 is canon, everything else doesn't exist."
We can certainly use them for inspiration, but only v5 stuff should be canon. Otherwise it's too hard to find the sources. I'd /love/ to discuss matters with the authors though.

Hi McFion,

For the placement of Horsingans, according to wikipedia (

The North Tyne rises on the Scottish border, north of Kielder Water. It flows through Kielder Forest, and passes through the village of Bellingham before reaching Hexham.

They probably mean the North Tyne rather than the South Tyne river based on the other information given. So I'd move the covenant just over 10 miles to the west between Bellingham and the Kielder Water.

Salve, sodales!

Taking advantage of this topic, I would like to share a map developed exclusively for The Tribunal of Iberia: Finis Terrae, in collaboration and supervision with its authors, @amseriad and @Galdric , published by @Ismael , (let's hope it could be translated into English someday...)

As you can see in it, it contains all the covenants of the Tribunal, along with a network of Mercere portals, the border with the Tribunal of Provence, the routes of the road to Santiago, the kingdoms into which it is divided the Iberian Peninsula and a lot of other information and references to the pages of the book.

Map of the Tribunal of Iberia

We hope it can be useful for your sagas set in this part of Europe. Perhaps in the future there could be the possibility of making an adaptation according to the English book pages if its translation becomes a reality.