GOTF & HOH:MC - demand for reprints?

Would you buy a reprinted copy of HOH:MC/GOTF?

  • Yes, HOH:MC
  • Yes, GOTF
  • Yes, both
  • No, neither (don't want or already own)

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I'm contemplating doing reprint run of Guardians of the Forests and Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults this fall. So I thought I'd ask informally...are folks looking for these books? HOH:MC sold out awfully fast, and I should have printed more of it...but reprints are already a bit dicey.

Give us a shout here if you (a) have not bought dead-tree versions of one book or the other, and (b) would jump on the chance to do so if we reprinted.

If you can still edit the poll, you might want to separate "don't want" from "already own".

Fruny <-- already owns.

Also own both. no need for reprint

Well, in practical terms, it's the same to us as publisher, as far as a reprint decision goes...

It's understandable, and I realize you said it was an informal poll -- and that it's probably too late to alter it by now. However I believe distinguishing between the two is meaningful if you want to extrapolate beyond the forum's population.

If we tell you that we already have the books, you learn about the forum's composition in correlation with your past sales, but not much beyond that: you already know how well the books sold. Worst case, you learn that we all have the books and that the poll is meaningless. :unamused: On the other hand, if we tell you that we simply don't want the books, that does indeed tell you something about how the reprint might be received beyond the forum.

Grouping the two together is a reasonable, conservative approach (they're both "no", after all, as you point out), but I think you're still throwing a useful variable away. Plus it conflicts with the additional instructions you added to the poll. :wink:

Bah, it's no big deal anyway. :slight_smile:

Also own both.

This forum is pretty much filled with hard-core Ars Magica enthusiasts (or else we wouldn't be here), although not so much as the mailing list. I'm not sure how insightful will the results be.

Own both.

Ditto - own both.

While this is completely unscientific and a very small sample, what we see so far is 5 or 6 people interested in buying each compared to 15 who already own both. If we extrapolated that to likely buyers equal to 1/3 of sales so far, we come up with a number big enough to pay for a reprint.

I haven't finalized all the details, but I think this will be a go.

I happily own bolth.

Our group down here in Eastbourne usually pounces on each book as it's published. That means four guaranteed sales for each.

So, erm, that's a "No, already own both" from us.

Out of interest, in the next couple of years I hope we can expect new players to find the game. Are you able to estimate the numbers of copies that will be floating around the channels with and/or without reprints? Will they be able to find the source books in the future? What's the cut-off point where a book goes beyond its reprint value?

Since I've not bought either yet, though I'm aware I really should have, I'd welcome reprints.

I really , really want Houses of Hermes : Mystery Cults.
I do not own one , and would feel incomplete without one. :frowning:

If it would help , i will buy two copies of HoH:MC :mrgreen:
(I did buy two copies of the Divine already).

No, I'm not really able to estimate it. Well, I would guess that most of our distributors are sold outo of these two books -- at least the ones whose inventory levels I'm aware of have none left -- but that doesn't tell me how many stores may have a copy squirreled away in a corner somewhere. Heck, I still find stores sometimes that have unopened copies of 2nd edition books published by Lion Rampant... My guess is that eBay makes it easier for stores to get rid of old inventory like that when it hasn't sold in their local market after a certain time.

First, it's worth noting that thanks to PDF any new player can already get the contents of GOTF or HOH:MC via (and soon from e23 as well).

There's not a hard-and-fast reprint point, with varying costs of printing and other details. What I do know is that right now, by combining reprints of these two books, I can get a price with our printer that looks viable on quantities of about 500 copies of each. I think the demand for the books (especially HOH:MC) is such that we are likely to take not too long to break even. It's a bit of a gamble, but not an especially high-risk gamble.

How about ,
if as well as buying 02 copies of the reprint of HoH : MC ,
i offer to buy a copy for each of my fellow australians on the fora. :mrgreen:
(Provided that they don't already have a copy that is)