Grand Tribunal 2008?

Hi chaps,

A very quick message. In 2007 we held a small Atlas only con focusing on Ars Magica in south west England, with the excellent Erik Dahl, Matt Ryan, Neil Taylor Sheila Thomas and Mark Shirley among the guests of honour.

Kev, Luke and Pete three of my friends are hassling me to look at a repeat in November 2008, to be held over a weekend (two nights) in a 13th century castle near the Welsh border/Bristol with accommodation and catering on site, with a total cost of around £50 per delegate. While this is a 500% increase on last year, this includes two nights accommodation and food in the castle (a Youth Hostel), and day tickets at around £5 will be available for those who prefer to commute. (it's a strictly non-profit affair!)

I have not booked the venue, or made much effort, because it seems a large risk if people are not interested, and because i would be happy for the vent to be bi-annual or less frequent. Still, would anyone be interested in coming? We would need 26 delegates to make it possible, and advance booking by May I think?

Events would be similar to last time, including gaming, freeforms and discussion panels etc, etc. I think most people enjoyed the last one,and i'm happy to answer questions!

cj x

I would certainly be up for going. And I think if it is a proper "accommodation and all" affair other members of my troupe might be up for it.

I'd go - subject to accommodation etc.

I do think though, that November is not the nicest time to be in the Welsh borders - any other time possible?

As for cost, the rule-of-thumb I've seen elsewhere is: cost it to break even on around 1/2 - 2/3 attendance, and any surplus is either donated to charity or held over for the next in the series (since there is now a series of two...). People paying £50 for accommodation can afford more than £5 for the Con itself...

An oblique question - how "hard core" was the first event: does one have to be a grognard to get benefit/pleasure from attendance?

The event is an opportunity to get together with a whole load of people that you might only know by some conjured name on a message board, email list, or forum. You get to have a pint or two, chat loads, and play a little Ars Magica with people who share a love of the game. What's not to like?

The big set-piece of the 2007 weekend was the costumed live event. But don't worry, if you're like me and that isn't your thing then there should be other things to do. I know I'm going to volunteer to run a session or two at the next event.

Not at all. A couple of attendees had never played Ars before, and had a good time. :slight_smile:

cj x

Would love to attend. Subject to the same constraints as this year (work, basically), that finally prevented me from assisting :frowning:

So mark me for interest, but not for confirmed assistance if it happens. I second the November thingy. Wouldn't September be a better month to host the event?


If I might suggest...

In Europe (the continent anyways) August tends to be the dead month when most people take their vacations. This would IMO be a much better time both to plan time away and to take advantage of the lush greenery of the Welsh countryside.

Just my two mythic pound's worth :slight_smile:

Same goes for me, but I really do hope that I'll end up not colliding with my schedule at work.

The date would be highly dependent on the availability of the venue, and if I can get it. If i can't i'm not inclined to host again this year! :slight_smile:

cj x

For me the time of year is not important (my shift at work is every 3rd week) - and when isn't a time worth an excuse to go to Misty Isles? The venue sounds like a nice setting - even so my troupe and I have repeatedly talked of visiting those areas as our saga is set nearby.

I hope everything works out!

P.S.: btw, any "illuminations" from the last Grand Tribunal going to be available online?

Furion: the picture of me in the stocks was taken at last year's GT, and at the very venue that CJ is proposing for this year's event. :slight_smile:

Ahh! A convergence even! Cheers! And a great add too (though I don't a picture of a man in a stock could sell all kinds of products - but a con surely! And an author volunteering to it even... :smiley:

At some time we were teased that more pictures might uploaded for the curious to see....

I would be very interested, the only thing that would stop me is air fair from the states to the UK.

You'll be surprised to find out that most attendees actually belong to the Mundane Realm instead of being akin to Faerie, or even the Infernal. I'm not sure about the Divine, but most certainly seem to have a knack for all things Magic. From what I know, there's at least one person associated with spirits, but whether that's due to an Affinity or Second Sight I can not tell. All of them are good-natured, too, and there's nobody around with a negative total of Presence + Charm. All the cheerfulness and sincerity you are about to experience is genuine, but better apply Folk Ken and decide for yourself.

Well, after consulting with the castle the week in August which looked ideal for various guest related reasons is unavailable. :frowning: (There is a wedding booked then...) I am still not sure there will be a GT2008, but I'll keep looking...

cj x

OK, Grand Tribunal 2008 will take place, the Atlas only con is returning, with (hopefully) a very special guest... and many special guests as usual!

The date will be August 16th - 17th 2008, the location Cheltenham again. We could not get the castle, owing to a pre-booking and this being our only weekend of opportunity. Accomodation is readily available in Cheltenham, it NOT being a race meeting.

Same format as before - Friday 15th, for the really hardcore, pub meet in the evening and maybe a different ghost walk or some silliness, then all day Gaming Saturday 16th, and breakfast on 17th

Drop me an email on if you you'd like details on how to learn more.

cj x

CJ, you just caused me to start thinking how to "sell" me spending a vacation weekend at Cheltenham to my partner. Damn you! :stuck_out_tongue: Tough negotiation is gonna be. Anyone has some Muto or Mentem vis available around there?


I've have some spare perdo for that mentem effect of your.... :wink:

And I'll readily exchange it for Creo or Terram for me to conjure money. :laughing:

See? THe vis trade has already started! :stuck_out_tongue: