Grand Tribunal 2009 - now taking PayPal payments

Grand Tribunal 2009 is pleased to announce that the Constitution committee have completed their arrangements to take PayPal for membership of the convention (which includes Grand Tribunal 2009).

I hope this makes it easier for our continental sodales to transfer money and exchange currency -- now go out and sign up!

There, I'm signed up!

Will you add your name to the 'Companions' on the Attendees page on the wiki (, or would you like me to do it for you?

I've added myself. :slight_smile:

If you are still thinking about signing up to come to Grand Tribunal 2009, this could be time to act!

Adult membership is currently 20 pounds; this will rise to 25 pounds on 17 April and again to 30 pounds on 1 July. Child prices will also rise in line with this.

Also, please note that room booking forms will be going out soon to those who have paid to attend. Accommodation at the college is comfortable, convenient and limited. There are many advantages to having a room at the venue, not least the proximity of the rooms to the gaming space and bars -- especially valuable for those who like to stay up late!

Once again, I am unlikely to be able to attend :frowning: Have fun you all!!