Grand Tribunal 2012

Assuming Atlas are happy and agree, and ultimately the decision is theirs and rightly so!, we hope to see Grand Tribunal UK 2012 hled on August 17th to 19th & held in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. More details to follow. This is the weekend BEFORE the Bank Holiday in England & Wales. More details to follow soon, hope many of you can attend!

cj x

Yay! I want to go - - it's in my calendar now!

I think that it's fairly safe to say that the uxor and I will be there.

I have it in my calendar and hope to make it. :smiley:

I enjoyed the GT 2011 very much. It was my first and based on the amount of fun I had and all the wonderful people I met I'll seriously consider going again. Now I'll just have to check a map to see where Cheltenham is.

thank you for informing about Grand Tribunal, looking from 2017, I must admit that that year Tribunal was perfect, thank you for such a detailed and careful organization!