Grand Tribunal 2014 Invite & Information

Just a quick invitation to join us for Grand Tribunal 2014 here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It will be the 8th UK Grand Tribunal, and will include the usual mix of games, more games, even more games and socialising. This year the Guest of Honour will be David Chart (all the way from Japan), and we will have delegates from six countries! A number of the authors also attend, and this is a real opportunity for those who love Ars Magica to eat, drink, talk, sleep, and even play Ars with a lot of like minded people. :smiley:

The event is not expensive, and we help delegates find accommodation to suit their budgets; getting to Cheltenham is fairly straight forward and the town is a popular tourist destination, but also very safe and friendly. We particularly welcome our overseas guests, and do all we can to help them enjoy their stay. There is a Facebook group at ... 1449536238 you can "Like", and where details are posted, but the main information is at the webpage

which will be updated as the event is planned. Some useful information is already there. There is also a mailing list for those coming, with almost no email until a couple of weeks before the event, unless people ask questions about accommodation or travel when there might be 3-5 emails a week.
Subscribe by sending email to or by messaging CJ directly here. It is worth joining the list if you plan to come, and the community there can tell you what to expect better than I.

We really hope many of you will join us this year for what we hope will be the best Grand Tribunal ever! Some write ups of past events - ... l-uk-2012/ ... tion-2010/

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Thanks to the ManfromOuterSppace and Doogy we have made a start on a French language version of the page -
Spanish will follow soon, so I'm now looking for volunteers for a German version.

Hi, I'm Andrew Oakley, the "other" organiser of Grand Tribunal UK, the one who is not CJ.

Our event takes place the weekend after next, Sat 9 - Sun 10 August 2014 in Cheltenham, England, with fringe events on Fri 8 Aug evening.

This year is looking like our busiest yet, but the good news is that we have lots of people offering to run games and thus good capacity for even more. So if you haven't bought a stupendously cheap ticket for only £15 (even cheaper for concs & groups) then now is an excellent time to do so.

CJ's post at the top of this thread has all the useful URLs. You can buy tickets direct from our wiki/website ; your PayPal receipt is your ticket so you can book right up until the last minute.