Grand Tribunal 2016

I'd just like to take this opportunity to invite you all to Grand Tribunal 2016, which will be occurring in Cheltenham, UK from the evening of Friday August 5th to Sunday August 7th 2016 . I believe David Chart will once again be our Guest of Honour, and we promise a warm welcome to any Ars Magica fan who makes the journey.

It is always daunting to travel a long way to attend a weekend event, but if you have any questions or would like assistance or advice do just ask me! You can find the website and book at

If you have attended in the past, do chime in with encouraging (or dismal!) stories and remarks :slight_smile:

All the best
CJ x

The people arranging and participating in the GTUK are all great people. They are kind, helpful and welcoming towards everyone and ensure fist-timers and people from outside the UK enjoy a successful convention.

I think my first visit was in 2011 at the GT held in Cambridge. I has just started to write for the line but none of the projects had even been announced at that time. I knew nobody, I had only corresponded by mail with a couple of people. It was the first convention I participated in outside Denmark and the first convention in a decade for me. From the moment I booked my ticket I was met with kind and helpful responses, and once I got there I met a bunch of very nice people. Many of whom I still count among my friends even though I only see them rarely, but if a friendship starts out strong it can easily survive as an online thing. I've been to 2 GTs since then, all in Cheltenham. And CJ really works hard to ensure the best for all visitors.

So, if you're on the fence about trying this out then consider this the final nudge.

Thanks Christian!

I have just posted this to the Grand Tribunal list so I'm sharing it here as well -- everyone welcome --

it is as you all know traditional to have a costumed freeform game at Grand Tribunal. Some years there are several of course, but I mean the one big one most people participate in. Last year I wrote 1215 & all that - so this year somebody else's turn. The game should take 15 to 20 players, and no more than 3 hours - 2 to 2 and a half is ideal to my mind - be outrageous fun and Ars Magica or medieval themed. I mean I'm not saying we won't consider an Unknown Armies, Feng Shui or Rune based freeform we certainly will -- but for the main event Ars Magica will have preference. I'd like to retain the non-contact form of previous years. Players will need costume hints a month before the event and character sheets before the event if possible.

We have a number of very talented freeform writers, but I'd also like to encourage those who have never written a freeform game to consider pitching an idea.
If you think it sounds fun, think up a big theme about what your game is about, and find a writing partner to co-GM and help with the writing if you think that will help. Then DON'T reply here - send me an email at with your freeform idea titled Grand Tribunal Freeform or somesuch, and any details on how it will work etc that may help. Experimental ideas always welcome.

I won't make the decision - I have appointed 3 people to look at any pitches, and choose one. I'd encourage everyone to put something forward - I will happily help write or GM. If my trusty panel can't decide we will draw the winning idea out of a hat. As all we are looking for at this stage is rough ideas for a game. and a commitment to try and write it for August, I will give people a week to pitch - well till May 1st in fact.

Hope some of you will come up with neat ideas!

All the best
CJ x