Grand Tribunal 2018

Salve sodales!
Grand Tribunal 2018 is set for Friday 17th to Sunday 19th August 2018 in sunny Cheltenham! has the details - CJ hasn't removed the early bird prices yet so you can still book at a bargain rate.

As ever, the organisers are eager to see what games people are willing to run this year, and if anyone wants to write a freeform game for Saturday morning. The convention benefits if we have a greater range of games available and if the freeform isn't written by the same people every year, so start thinking about anything you'd like to storyguide!

Grand Tribunal - probably the world's greatest gathering of Ars Magica fans.

Website seems to be down atm :frowning:

CJ is aware and is looking into it.

The website is back up! CJ has kindly kept the early bird prices so no-one is disadvantaged by the downtime.

That was a wonderful weekend, and the charity raffle raised £220. Thanks to all our attendees for their generosity! Our SGs provided a stack of different games (there was almost as much Unknown Armies as Ars Magica this year) so there was something for everyone.

Hope to be able to attend next year. I'd really like to, and have been meaning to for years, but it's always difficult for me, schedule-wise.

Please do post some pictures or do a small review about what went on or something, for those of us who couldn't make it!