Grand Tribunal America 2011: Mythic New Denmark

Today it is exactly ONE MONTH until the convention. I'm incredibly excited about it, so I have to babble on about it some more. Here's a few additional details about the magical splendor that awaits the lucky attendees this year:

  • Adventure. There are lots of exciting games planned (though we can probably fit a couple more into the schedule if any attendees are thinking they'd like to run something). We have a live-action ice-breaker game in which magi get to interact with the Order of Odin. I also know of a Hibernian adventure where the main characters are all apprentices. There are others planned too, mysterious and secret. You'll just have to be there, to find out!

  • Hermetic culture and lore. Everyone attending will receive one voting sigil (basically a raffle ticket, though it is also part of the game shuffler) and will use it wisely. Everyone who runs a game, contributes to the raffle, or wins the famous Verditius item crafting contest, wins additional sigils, too. We have lots of other souvenirs as well.

  • Enchanted items. Our treasure trove of fabulous prizes includes a veritable library of books, including a few special items only available at the con. We have several pieces of original artwork, and there are card games, T-shirts, and other mysterious artifacts. People are still talking about the raffle last year!

  • Mythic Places. Solvang is very pleasant, probably a Faerie aura, and the California coast is breathtakingly beautiful. Your loyal Redcaps are arranging a brief sightseeing excursion to one of the area's legendary locales. Sign up and let the praeco know your itinerary and we'll help you arrange a memorable outing.

Here's my description of last year's con, to try and trigger any Envious Personality Flaws out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

The website is still See you cool people there!