Grand Tribunal America 2011 -- Tshirts now available

T-shirts and other Enchanted Items now for sale.

Thanks to Michelle Nephew for use of the Ars Magica Logo!

Thanks to Debbi Winslow (Belladonna) for the beautiful new designs!

I note on the the Cafe Press main page that there is a 15% discount on all t-shirts for the next 48 hours....

Spend your Vis! Impress your Grogs!

... See you at the con!


(ps. Non-attendees are welcome to place an order. All proceeds go to funding the con.)

Cafe Press has an offer for the next couple of days:

$25 off entire order
Just order $75 or more by 08/12/2011 and use code: SEG101008

Enter coupon code at checkout.