Grand Tribunal America 2012: Mythic Tahoe 8/3-8/5

Grand Tribunal America 2012: Mythic Tahoe will take place August 3-5 at the Village at Squaw Valley, in Olympic Village, California near Lake Tahoe. Nestled at the base of the mountain, the Village at Squaw Valley has beautiful vistas and great restaurants. It is going to make a great setting for our convention. Join us for great food, great views, great camaraderie and of course, GREAT GAMES! If you have a game you'd like to run or if you want to get your gaming fix for an entire weekend, we'd love to have you.

Here's the details:
Early Registration Fee: $35.00 per person (through March 31, 2012). Please contact Dawn Hansen and Laura Saunders at for payment options.

We'll be at the Village at Squaw Valley – 1750 Village East Road, Olympic Valley, CA 96146 - 866-818-6963. Use the group code ARS MAGICA to get the discounted price of $159.00 per night for a 1 bedroom condo featuring a fully equipped kitchen, a Master Bedroom with a king-sized bed and a queen sleeper sofa in the living room.

If you want to share a room to cut costs and don't have someone already in mind, let Dawn and Laura know. They will try to help with arrangements. (You can also post here in a Roommates Wanted thread.)

For more information visit our website

I noticed that the Grand Tribunal site only lists one game at present. It notes that one can get $10 off admission by hosting a game, but only if registering before march 31.

Do you anticipate a good ratio of games to players, or are you looking for more? I'd be willing to run a session, but $10 off would be nice. But if you've got plenty of storyguides already, I'd be ok with just playing all weekend.

Hi Scott! If past GTAs are any indication, we always need more games. You should definitely sign up to run a session if you have any interest in doing so! There's also a mailing list you can join here: I look forward to meeting you at the con. :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric. I'll sign up to run a session, once I get my reg fees in and all. As I keep saying on here, my Ars experience is limited. I've also never run a con game; in fact, I've only ever attended one con. That said, I do have years of gaming experience; I think I could run something interesting, and I've got between now and august to figure out exactly what.

I think I'll modify one of my favorite classic adventures for Ars use.

Also, the link seems to have gulped up some extra text, but when I tried searching yahoo groups for "grand tribunal america" I got nothing. I did find the fb group.

Hi, I am wondering where I can find the official photos from the event. Thanks! :slight_smile: