Grand Tribunal Boardgame 6th Edition

As someone who really enjoyed Baudolino and Focault's Pendulum, I've been a fan of Ars Magica and Unknown Armies for years. But I could never really convince anyone to play Ars Magica.
Two years ago I found out about the Grand Tribunal board game and bought it for my wife for Christmas, because she likes witches. We had a lot of fun with it, making a few house rules to adapt it to 2 person play.
Which is why I bring this up:
Is there any plans to ever bring out an update or reworking of the game?
Our favorite mechanic was the voting proxies, how you could influence the magic devices being built by dumping votes into one category or the other. We also liked collecting VIS but got tired of how long taking two turns to harvest it made the game. We dropped that rule. Of course, it could use some simplifications as far as turn actions go. It's kind of hard to haul out on the average gaming night. But we still love the idea of being wizards and witches competing in what is essentially a magical item science fair.
Also, if there could be more references to medieval legend, that would enrich the game.

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Sounds fun! You should post in the Ars Magica forum, too, to get those folks' opinions. :slight_smile:
-Michelle Nephew

Don't you guys do the Ars Magica books now?
I'm just afraid I posted with the wrong company...

You're in the right place! You'd just get more attention from other fans if you post in the Ars Magica thread instead of Ask Atlas.