Grand Tribunal Europe 2014


I'm hoping tonight to update the Grand Tribunal UK website at

However at almost the last moment something rather good has happened - I have an option on a lot of very cheap accommodation almost on top of the venue here in Cheltenham, UK. Now the con runs from the Friday social (8th August) through the weekend 9/10th - so less than a month in the future, but this reduced rate, sharing student housing (currently vacant for the Summer) with other delegates on the actual road where the convention is held is ideal for a carload of you who have not found anywhere to stay yet and think you might just want to come along try GT once. We offer group reductions, and I am always a sucker for a hard luck story. so if you think you could make it maybe, or are interested in finding out more about the housing -- and it's not definite yet, but I need an idea of numbers, (maximum 15 bedrooms I think over four houses, three on venue street), comment here, or message me, or email me direct on

Pack your group in a car, drive down, and we will give you the best weekend of Ars anywhere on the planet, that weekend anyway! :smiley:

And for those frothing with indignation having booked expensive hotel rooms, the option only arose tonight.I'm sorry, but it will be good for next year!

cj x

I just realised that I had not linked the Spanish language version of the GT homepage, because I am a moron. You will find it here: ... UNIDO_2014

We will be welcoming French, Spanish and German delegates this year as well as the hordes of Norwegians and Danes. Why do the Swedes never come though?!?

Just realised some of you may not have seen the Grand Tribunal Facebook page! ... 1449536238

cj x

So Mario JPC is joining us, who else is coming next Friday? There is still time folks to make it! :slight_smile:

That's great news.

Well one good thing about GT: after two weeks intensive revising for the games I'm running I will know the rules for Feng Shui, Over the Edge, Rune and Unknown Armies as well as I currently know Ars Magica! I'm running one session of each at the convention. So come along folks!

Most of the games are listed here
CJ x

Looking forward to this. A lot.

I will be there too, I want to see all this!

I'd have liked to be able to come. Kids. Sigh. :cry:

Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun weekend. Special shout out to those who travelled so far to be there and of course CJ and Andrew who put together a great event.

Just I agree! Tomorrow I will write my impresions and my "journey diary", but I loved the time with all the people! They all have been awesome!