[Grand Tribunal] Question about some elemental spells

I have a few question about some elemental spells:

Clouds of Rain and Thunder: Can you trade active or installed spells? If yes, if a trade an active spell, can I install it in one of my items? Can I trade active for not active?

The Unseen Power: Does the item remain active?

Blinding Flash: Can the opponent chose an active item or spell? If yes and he chooses an active item with an installed spell, what happens to that spell?

That's it. Thanks.

Hi there. I just forwared your post to the author.

Hi Ermordung,

I see Phil (the developer) hasnt stopped by yet, so I'll give it a go.

I'm quite certain that you cannot trade installed spell - they would be on the item in the laboratory and thus no longer in the library. But I'm certain that you can trade active spells and I dont think it matters whether the spell you give in return is active or not.

I reckon you meant to write Porter and not Power? I do think that it does remain active, since the cards usually remains in their "state" unless the spell says otherwise. An additional perk of this spell would then be to get a ready to use item. Can make some interesting surprises in the last turn(s) before a Tribunal!

I would think that he can chose to discard any card (spell or item - active or not). I cant tell for sure but I would guess that if it is an active item with spells installed that they would return to his library, since this is as a recall what happens with similar spells. Whether they become inactive or remain active I'm not sure about. Since they opponents himself chooses which to discard I reckon he'll seldomly choose to discard an active item and not just one of the spells on it if there is no other alternative. Makes me think that since former Awards are in the sanctum this spell could open up the game in an interesting way.

I have another question: there is at least one spell that allows you to counter another spell imed at you. This you play it in the other player’s turn. Does it count as an action? Do you get only one action in your next turn?

Salvete sodali,

Sorry I have been hibernating for a while.

Furion, I choose you to be my next Apprentice. You have answered all of these inquiries correctly.

If your opponent does decide to choose an active Item with installed Spells on it to lose, the Spells remain Active but unattached to Items within his or her Sanctum. Your instinct is right in that an opponent would most likely simply choose to lose one of the installed Spells on that Item, rather than to choose the Item that contains the Spells. However, it's entirely possible that this player might be wishing that these particular Spells were installed on another Item, perhaps one that is being worked on or one that is already active--and thus the loss of the Item would allow for the easy transfer of these previously-Installed Spells to the preferred Item. Yes, could be interesting. I hadn't designed it with this in mind but certainly you've helped uncover an interesting idea here.

Ermordung, the effect of cancelling another Spell with an interrupting effect (I believe we are talking about "Aegis of the Sanctum" here) is completely free and is allowed by the wording of the card. The player suffers no loss of Actions on subsequent turns. Excellent question.

Keep playin', my friends! All the best!


Salvete Sodales!

Thank you kind master! :laughing:

If I am to be your apprentice we can also work on your latin - it does not suit a Archmage to lack in it - except for the Ex Miscellanea, but who takes notice of them anyway?

And for apprenticing, I recently realised I had completely overlooked an important rule the first times I played. What a change it made to the game that one kind of action can only be done one time in each player turn!! This especially goes for Advancing and it completely turned the game more interesting!

Ermodung I earlier posted a question along similar lines and you might benefit from it also - these spells can also be used to cancels spell that are not directed at you but at other players. My concept of Aegis didnt really include that but in terms of Grand Tribunal this little detail has great effect on the strategy of this card's use.

There has by now been many specific card questions - any chance Atlas will compile them as a FAQ and post them?

There's actually errata up through a FAQ link on the Grand Tribunal page ... atlas-games.com/grandtribunal . If somebody wanted to put together a list of all the card questions on the forum so far and official answers that have been posted, and email them to me, I'd be happy to add them to the FAQ. Thanks! :slight_smile: