Grand Tribunal UK 2010 report

It's on my my blog here -- ... tion-2010/ just in case anyone interested and has not seen it...

cj x

I so envy you people...even though I wasn't there I'd like to thank you for doing this magnificent bit of community building.

CJ, in Wordpress if you have more than 12 tags + categories, the post doesn't get listed on tag or cat searches because it is assumed to be linkspam. So, if people are having trouble finding it, that might be why. (Odd but true things learned in my day job running an online bookclub for my library.)

Thanks Timothy. I'm just wondering what to do with the freeform. I need ot ask alex White if he is interested in publishing it in Sub Rosa - probably not - and I'm not sure Special Ops would have much use for a 25 player Ars Magica freeform (or three as i have now)!

cj x

Maybe we can trade freeforms, CJ? You can run the one we did this year next year, and vice-versa?

Sure. I have three now; I'll email you this one now Erik, well the stuff i havr ot hand

cj x

OK Erik, you have mail

cj x

Nice writeup.

Lol: ... at-humour/
I think the attempt may be said to have met with some degree of success.