Grand Tribunal UK 2011

So ... any forum members coming to our little gathering? :smiley:

I was hoping to get to Cambridge this year, but it's on the same weekend as the US con, which I'd promised myself I'd go to.

If either of the dates end up changing (unlikely, I know), then I'll do both.

for better, or for worse, we've tried over the years to synchronize the 2 Tribunals, so as to allow an Intangible Tunnel to be connected between the two...

I had planned to give it serious consideration this year, but find I will be flying back from Darwin that weekend!

Cambridge is on the schedule for this summer, but there seem to be some family challenges. Hopefully I can find the time anyway. GTUK is too much fun to miss, and GKUS is a bit too far away (and around 10 times as expensive since I wouldn't get to go to the US without my wife :wink: )

you may or may not want me to point this out ... but Consternation (the host Con for GT UK 2011) offers a £1 non-gamer membership, primarily so wives and partners can attend, stay in college at the Con rates, and spend time in the Historic Tourist Town of Cambridge.

Probably a long shot, but is there any chance this might be rescheduled so as not to overlap with the oldest and most important science fiction convention in the world?

sorry - it was all booked and set up in August 2009 !

I'm seriously counting on attending. I haveb't been to a convention in more than a decade (well, my own gaming circle's con, but that on isn't very serious...).

And never one in a foreign country.

PS When and how can one see what activities there will be at the Con? And how can one sign on to such? I'm especially interested in the Ars Magica relevant things.

We'd love to have you - and the more multi-national the better: currently we have Japan, Norway & the UK definitely attending the Tribunal, and Denmark attending Consternation (need to invite them in!). We're hoping Germany can make it too...
This year we are honoured to have David Chart, the Ars Magica Line Editor as our guest, coming all the way from Japan.

You can find, and contribute to, information about Grand Tribunal on the wiki pages.

In the past we have had table-top games, free-form games (live action without full costume), panels and workshop groups. The wiki provides a place to post advance information about games (though people still "pull games out of a bag"), and there is some advance sign-up (especially for free form games).
Grand Tribunal has a dedicated room to itself, but there are many more games and tables outside in the main convention - and sign-up sheets will be in reception once toe Con starts.

You join Grand Tribunal by signing-up to Consternation -- it helps us if you mention Grand Tribunal on your membership form.e-mail!
Consternation is hosting Grand Tribunal within its convention, and everyone is a member of both. Consternation is handling bookings and rooms.

Payment - for membership and rooms - is either by UK cheque or sterling bank transfer, OR for those without a sterling account, by Paypal.

Momentum is gathering now - it's only 4 months away, and the early-booking discounts are about to end... We hope to get lots more people coming specifically to Grand Tribunal.