Grand Tribunal UK 2012

OK, UK or USA? This year I think you can do both, as for the first time we are holding the events on different weekends! I can only speak for the English one, but American delegates and organizers please do chime in with your comments and experiences -- just do make clear which one you are talking about! :slight_smile:

I would just like to cordially invite you all to Grand Tribunal 2012, that will take place in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England on the 17th to the 19th August 2012. The price for the event is £15, though you will have to arrange your own accommodation -- though we are always happy to help you find something, and to advise on that or anything else.

We especially welcome international delegates as always, and are always delighted to welcome newcomers. We like to think no one goes without playing a game or three, and having a good time, but those who have come in the past are the best judges of that. These are difficult economic times, and are tradition of offering a great gaming experience for as little as we can mange continues. You should be bale to stay two nights sharing a travel lodge room for about 40 euros if you book soon, and we even provide some buffet food. Britain is not very expensive!

For us Brits, the format is much as always, and we really want you to bring newcomers. For every three paying delegates, if you bring a fourth with you we will give them a free ticket - the same applies to international customers. SO long as you book together, that is -- because we really want you to bring gaming friends along, even those who don't play Ars Magica at the moment.

This year is especially dedicated to encourage new folks to try Ars MAgica, and enjoy a great weekend with us in Cheltenham,ENgland.

If you would like to come, drop me a pm, or an email to, or paypal me £15. We will only have 50 spaces this year, so don't leave it too late, and the price will go up after the early bird discount rate ends on March 22nd. Book now! :smiley:

Really looking forward to meeting some of you,and do ask if you have questions. The US convention is occurring two weeks before I believe this year.

Anyone had any experiences of either Grand Tribunal they would like to share? Do post comments, reminisces or ideas for the con!

cj x

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CJ's uneventful life is now blogged:

I made my first appearance last year in Cambridge. It was my first foreign convention, and also my first convention in over a decade (I don't count the con my own "club" arranges since it isn't serious). In fact this was the first time I played in english.

And I had a blast! Met a lot of wonderful and interesting people, played some fun games. I also enjoyed meeting some people I had corresponded with over email and also worked with on a project which wasn't officially announced at that time (but is now). It was super fun.

I'd like to go again, but Cheltenham seems quite inconvenient to travel to from Denemark and also quite pricy since I can't use the cheapo Ryan air as I did last time.

If anyone is wondering whether or not to go, I'd say: go for it!

Hey Christian!

The Cheltenham event is MUCH more informal, and much much smaller. At the moment flights from Kobenhavn to London on the dates in question can be had for about 634 DKr; not too bad as such things go. The trick is to head to Gatwick or Heathrow, and then either take a connecting light to Staverton, take the National Express coach fdirect to Cheltenham (about 2.5 hours but about 300 Dkr return) or what most international delegates do, and meet up with the Norwegians, French or Germans and split the coist on a hire car for the weekend. You don;t really need one though, unless you want to see a castle or something.

Traditionally those who have come from abroad stay Sunday night and return Monday; so three nights. If you share a room in a hotel that is very cheap, but a single room is £61 a night, so 541 Dkr. Pricey at 1600 Dkr for the three nights. However The Big Sleep which is an excellent hotel has three double rooms available at £35 a night for those dates - so for £105 (931 DKr) you can stay in great comfort in a pleasant town centre hotel for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, with a good breakfast included. If anyone is coming and wants to stay three nights I really suggest you snap this up, it si a fantastic price for Cheltenham hotels, especially one of the better ones and very central... ... =RD3421305

Or if you it's still too much pm me. :slight_smile:

Hope can tempt you to come, even in these terrible times
cj x

Just updated the webpage with a LOT more information -- should be enough for people to start planning trip, booking accommodation and paying for tickets :slight_smile:
cj x

Well, I'm 90% certain that I will make it this year as well. I'll fly in to Heatrow Friday morning and leave from there Monday afternoon. I will rent a car and have room for (some) passengers both ways. I'll probably have room for a (non snoring) room mate as well. Either at the big sleep or the Holiday Inn. Depending on which prices I can wrangle out of the assorted deals and discount systems I'm a member of.

Looking forward to another GT, and heartily recommend coming.

Hey Gulla,

You have not missed one yet have you, unlike me? I missed 2009 in Cambridge!

If anyone is wondering about how they will afford to eat in hoity-toity Cheltenham, one of the poshest towns in England, do what I do, and eat here -- it is excellent - ... story.html
99p is what 9 DKr (and NKr), 1.20 Euro, $1.57 US or 123 JPY. At those prices for rather nice meals I think you can all afford it. :slight_smile:

cj x

Hope many of you planning to come: our dedicated sub-forum section is here

Right prices go up on 1st August! Anyone still thinking of coming?

cj x

Hi chaps,

Given the dodgy reception in some venues it is well worth knowing that we have a real time update service now running on Twitter. You don't need Twitter to view it, but you will need to sign up (which is free) to post to it. We will be updating where we are etc, as well as news, gossip and how much of CJ's hair has fallen out through stress throughout the con. I will try and answer emails, but Twitter will be preferred medium for delegates in Cheltenham now as I'm rather frantic :slight_smile: You can read it here --!/search/realtime/%23gt12uk or via the link on the Grand Tribunal webpage

You can post to it by adding the tag #gt12uk to your tweet. 140 characters only remember.

See you at 7pm

cj x