Grand Tribunal UK 2015 Needs YOU!

Seems CJ hasn't put this up here yet.

The annual (yay!) Grand Tribunal UK is being held this year as well as the previous 8 years (since 2007). This miniature con is dedicated to Ars Magica and other Atlas Games games, but mostly Ars Magica. It's a small and friendly and tremendously fun event. It seems we are a bit slow on the enrolment this year, so pleas, read the wiki, decide that THIS is what you should be doing mid August, and buy a ticket.

The webpage/wiki is here:

Håkon, Ultima Thule representative.

Yes indeed! We now have twenty delegates signed up and paid with three montsh to the event, so I think this year we could reach 50 delegates, a record. If you would like to come do check out the website art!

Also we have just opened our game bidding process here - pitch your event!

Get offering those events!

CJ x