Granting PCs some contacts at the start

I don't know if this will work out well, but as a gimmick to build some story and ties to the setting above and beyond the melodramatic hooks; I'm handing out some contacts to all the players.

One set of high contacts per player, coming from Golden Comeback (the gambler gets Armitage, the Full Metal Nutball gets the Pak Man, etc.) and one set of low contacts from Blowing Up Hong Kong.

The contacts are going to be helpful to the players, but I'll let the players figure out their 'buy-in' and detail the hows of how they know their contacts.

Might be a useful way to start getting the players to think in terms of hooks and interwoven relationships.

Wait, arn't contacts part of the skill anyway? As in you could roll your 'Guns' skills to find a local guns contact, such as the Pakman?

Either way, having them stated up in advance can only be a good thing. Puts a little more life into the game world if the players know a little bit more about their 'friends'. :slight_smile:


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Yeah, in my game I just had the players roll when they needed a contact and then we RP'd it out.

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Phew Im sure all of that will help Ill have to do some shopping

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