Grapple and damage

I'm looking at Dodder combat stat in legends of Hermes p 90 and the combat stats give a +7 damage modifier for the grapple.

I was under the impression that the grapple mechanism wasn't causing any damage, am I missing something ?

grappling and non deadly combat still generates a 'damage' total as if you were working out wounds, but then rather than imposing a wound it translates into fatigue levels - cant remember what page in the book but its explained in the core rules

Having looked over the dodder in Legends of Hermes the grapple rules on pages 174 and 175 of the main book, I don't see that grapple ever makes a damage roll. Defining a damage bonus at all seems superfluous. I'm with you in that I don't see a point to it.

I just read this, scuffling does fatigue damage, grappling just immobilizes. Typically a character could do either. The Dodder is an animated plant, it's possible that Mark had something different in mind here.

LoH p.90f box Dodder has two 0 points powers which it uses while grappling.
The power Strangle the Life causes Dodder's grappled victims to make an ArM5 p.180 Deprivation roll every round against a Str roll of Dodder, or lose a fatigue level. This strangling is the only listed way Dodder can damage its grappled victims quickly: otherwise it would have to starve them to death in its grasp.
And this strangling may have motivated the otherwise pointless entry "Damage +7" for Dodder's Grapple attack, because its Str is +7.