Where, if anywhere, would I find rules on grappling?
How do other people handle grapples?

(did this warrant a thread of its own? Probably not, but hopefully the lovely folk of this forum will play nice!)

IIRC, the only real codification of grappling is in the Path of the Passive Wings

Hmm, will check it out. How do you handle it?

I was thinking an initial MA check followed by resisted strength checks every x shots?

Aside from what is in the Path of the Passive Wings that was mentioned. You can check out Golden Comeback page 109, it has a section on handling holds in it. The old Nexus RPG has some different rules on handling grapples on pages 53-54. That could be used with some slight modification.
Golden Comeback gives the most detailed handling of them.

Yep, thanks have tried them and it works just fine. :slight_smile: